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Online Video Downloader : Most Pc users engage into a lot of task with their personal computer include downloading Videos for one reason or the other. It may be for backup purposes, watching or uploading them online.

There has been a lot of online video downloader ultimate software’s out there which you can install in your system  until the invasion of the modern browsers plugins that revolutionize how we download videos without actually installing the software’s in our computers.

Best Online Video Downloader Ultimate- How Can I Get One For My Google Chrome ?

Today we have chrome video downloader, Firefox, Opera and some many other advanced online video downloader professional plugins.

The truth is, we can’t actually do without downloading in one way or the other. As a matter of fact, we need the best tools to make our job easier and efficient.

Google chrome has stood in between this gap, it is now widely and most used browser in the world.

So, you stand the chance to leverage some best video downloader ultimate extension that comes along with it to equip you for faster, better and easy downloading.

Below is the comprehensive list of 10 best google chrome video downloader. Good luck….

1. Ummy Online Video Downloader

ummy video downloader

Ummy Video downloader is one of the fastest and free video downloading software you can ever lay your hands on. The tool allows you to download any videos online from your favorite websites.

The video Downloader is a free chrome extension that lets you download videos to your your PC directly from any website and watch them with our without internet connection.

Ummy video downloader is quickest and easiest way to download online videos to your computer. Installing this plugin gives you the leverage of creating your own super video list in simple click of button.

Download Ummy Video Downloader for Windows

  • Compatible with your OS
  • Free Download
  • In English
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 898.18 kB
  • Filename: UmmyVD-Web-Loader.exe

google chrome video extension for free

2. Online Video Downloader Professional 

online chrome video downloader ultimate

The professional Video chrome extension enables you to Download  videos from any web sites or simply make collections of your video list without downloading them. The video downloader professional addon  has the ability to play MP4 media files via Google chrome or cast them directly to your TV.

  • With Professional google chrome video downloader ultimate tool, You can download and save your movies  directly from any website  to your hard disc.
  • It is very easy to use and the extension allows you to add videos to your list very quickly and play them any time without the internet connection.
  • The online video downloader professional  has a special option that makes it easier to play video in any size or dimension.
  • The  Chrome video downloader helper has latest version of 1.97.54. It was last updated in October 24, 2016.
  • The downloadable size of 274KiB and used by over 3.5 Million users.

 google chrome video extension for free

3. Flash Video Downloader Professional

flash online video downloader professional
Flash google chrome extension is a Popular plugin  for downloading most media files from website. This plugin is used by millions of people and it is available only in two languages.  They are compatible to most operating system and can download most flash videos formats.

  • it is free and can download both videos and flash video from websites. it is 99% compatible with all movie formats.
  • Just like other online video downloader ultimate software’s,  is easy to use and no special skills are needed to install it.
  • Flash  video downloader professional has the ability to download youtube videos to hard disc but chrome restrict downloading from youtube.
  • The flash video downloader  professional is easy to install and very easy to use.
  • The  Chrome video downloader flash has latest version of 21.1.1. It was last updated in October 27, 2016.
  • The downloadable size of 1.94MiB and used by over 1.6 Million users.

    google chrome video extension for free

4. GetThemAll Downloader

GetThemAll online Video Downloader
GetthemAll Google chrome extension uses the in-built filter to analyze webpages. It’s extensively designed to download videos, html, pdf files, and images. GetThemAll doesn’t permit  download of videos from YouTube.
  • it is n ultimate and universal google chrome video downloader extension and compatible with all files.
  • GetThemAll (GTA) is a complete new dimension in download management software. Just like online video downloader Ultimate tool, it can download multiple files and videos from a simple click of button.
  •  GetThemAll  gets  all video files on a webpage and prompt them for download.  All you need to do is select the files you want to download.
  • GetThem All Chrome extension has latest version of 23.1.1. It was last updated in December 2, 2016.
  • The downloadable size of 1.22MiB and used by over 1.4 Million users.

google chrome video extension for free

5Chrome Video Downloader All

chrome online video downloader all

The downloaderAll Google chrome extension is a free and useful extension for downloading videos online. It is another most popular free file extension  for downloading most media formats directly to your computer hardware.

  • It is a free  browser plugin that enables you to download videos online and from any website directly to your computer. The chrome extension supports sites like facebook, Metacafe, Vkontakte and others as well.
  • You can download video in HD format, FLV and Mp4. It doesn’t support sites like Youtube, Vevo,  Sony music, Warner Bros.
  • The Online video downloader extension works virtually in all site and easy to use.
  • Chrome downloader All has latest version of 3.1.3. It was last updated in April 6, 2015.
  • The downloadable size of 49.11KiB and used by over 175k users.

google chrome video extension for free

6. Ultimate Free VGet Extension 

free online video downloader

VGet google chrome extension allows you to download videos embedded in websites and cast them to TV. VGet works in a very smart way, it detects any video embedded in website and allows you to download, play or watch them from your smart TV. The plugin is designed to be minimal invasive.

  • VGet online video downloader ultimate software supports DLNA/UPnP to play cast media files directly on your DLNA device in your local network.
  • The compatibility features enables you to have access to most media formats as DLNA supports Xbox, smart Tv and Media Center devices.
  • You can play videos directly on your smart TVs.  VGet allows you to leverage chrome cast functionalities without requiring hardware.
  • The veget video extension has latest version of 0.1.11 with download size of 251KiB and used by over 175k users.
  • Vget extension was developed by Mabuell Braun and was last updated in June 22, 2016.

google chrome video extension for free

 7. Chrome Video DownloadHelper

chrome online video downloader

DownloadHelper is a popular Google chrome video extension currently installed by over 2 million  chrome users. This  video plugin is also available on firefox add-on and has the ability to download videos from 95% of websites. The Video DownloadHelper has good number of added features such as:

  • Smart naming: it can automatically name video as original file page tittle or add some portion of text in the page. These features can be configured from the extension settings.
  •  Blacklisting: with this added feature you can prevent some annoying ads from some domain.  Ability to Play downloaded videos  directly from the add-on UI.
  • You can Pin all downloaded videos and make it accessible for  future replay. The  video downloader helper has latest version of 2.0.02.
  • The downloadable size of 667KiB and used by over 175k users. The Chrome Video downloader helper  was last updated in October 27, 2016.

Configurable concurrent downloads: The online video downloader can be setup to permit concurrent or maximum video downloads. This feature allows you to save your bandwidth or download any video continuously from that site.

google chrome video extension for free

8. Chrome video Downloader Pro

online video downloader

This is another useful ultimate video downloader and yet popular type of video extension for your chrome browser. It avails you the ability to download any medias and music from any website. it is easy to use and is free.

The online video downloader professional (pro ) is very smart to identify any media in websites and make them available for installation.  This google chrome extension is generally known as all in all.
  • It can download any available format  such as Mp4, Mp3, Avi, .Flv Video, asf,Mpeg and so many others. You don’t need to spend time searching for next available music or video to download.
  • it is malware free and no ads. Very easy to uninstall. Super fast, safe and free
  • The  chrome downloader pro has latest version of The download size is 69.49KiB and used by over 520k users. Video downloaderPro was last updated in October 27, 2016.

google chrome video extension for free

 9. Free Chrome Video Grabber

online video downloader
This extension is highly Compatibility and easy to install in chrome browsers. The video Grabber has some good added feature that made it stood out from other video downloading software’s. Some of which include.
  • The ability to convert any media format to another.
  • The video extension can directly rip audio file from any video clip
  • The chrome extension can screen record.

To use this online video downloader ultimate software, all you need to access the tool from Video Grabber site,  and copy the URL of the FLV video or flash video that you want to download and paste it directly in the search box in Video Grabber’s site.  As simple as ABC.

google chrome video extension for free

10. MediaPlus Video Downloader Professional

free online video downloader professional
Mediaplus allows you to get access to any kind of flash and other media formats. Mediaplus enables you to resize, move them around or even add some additional effects on the video. This is another  popular online video downloader extension for your google chrome browsers. Mediaplus makes media contents like images, game, HTML5, flash movies usable on website. This google chrome video downloader extension  is easy to use.

  • You can move, resize or pin media content on pages  such as Facebook and Youtube
  • Can add effects such as blur, sepia to the images
  • Darken the area around the video to prevent distractions
  • Remove any annoying ads or delete unwanted videos
  • The  mediaplus downloader has latest version of 2.1.2
  • The downloadable size is 170KiB and used by over 23k users.
  • MediaPlus chrome Video downloader was developed by Parashuram and updated in October 27, 2016.

google chrome video extension for free

MakeGif Video Capture

free online video downloader
This is another wonderful and recommendable google chrome video downloader extension for converting  online videos files to Gif format.  This days allot of people like gif images especially the funny types. MakeGif makes life easier for any one who wants to create gift images for free. MakeGif capture videos from your browser and converts them into gif images. To make it work, click on the right corner icon to capture the frame and click on convert button.

  • MakeGif is easy to use and can convert HTML5 videos to gif images.
  • You have the flexibility of adjusting the size, and quality or frame size of the video.
  • You can delete frame, slow down animation and add text.
  • This extension is fast and delivers promptly. it allows you to save all your gif files to a folder or even share them on social media or to your friends.
  • The  MakeGif has latest version of
  • The download size is 61.71KiB and used by over 68k users.
  • Video MakeGif  downloader was last updated in October 11, 2015.

google chrome video extension for free

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