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Installing Kali Linux – 5 Easy Steps to Install Kali Linux on Windows

Installing Kali linux alongside a Windows installation can be done in few simple steps. However you have to exercise some caution while setting up the kali linus.

First thing you must take into consideration before installing kali linus is to backup the important files or data in your windows. You will consider to save your information's in external hard drive since you will be modifying your hard disc media.



Installing Kali Linux Dual Boot with Windows

Once the backup is completed you may proceed with  Kali Linux Hard Disk Install, This explain some basic procedure to install kali linux.

In this guide below , we will be installing Kali Linux  and window 7 which normally takes almost 100% of disk space.  We shall adjust the window partition to occupy less space and then proceed with installation of kali linux in the created empty partition.

Steps and Requirements to Install Kali Linus

You can proceed by Downloading Kali Linux , or install from your CD/DVD.  If you don't have a CD/DVD or USB port on your computer, You may check out the Kali Linux Network Install in the reference below.

  • Ensure you have at least Minimum of 20 GB free disk space on Windows.
  • Ensure CD-DVD / USB boot support availability.

Preparing for the Kali Linux Installation

  1. Download Kali Linux.
  2. You may Burn  Kali Linux ISO to DVD or  Kali Linux Live to USB.
  3. Make sure your computer is set to boot from CD / USB in your BIOS settings.

Dual Boot Installation Procedure

  1. Start: To start installing kali linux, first boot with your chosen installation medium. You will see a Kali greeting screen upon booting. Select Live, and after this step you should be booted into the Kali Linux default desktop.
  2. Lunch gparted: You now have to launch the gparted program. We will use this program to shrink the existing Windows partition to give us sufficient space to install Kali Linux.

installing kali linux

3.Window partition: Proceed by selecting your Windows partition. Normally it should be the second, larger partition.

In this guide, we have two partitions; the System Recovery partition, and that of Windows which  is actually installed in /dev/sda2.

You can now Resize your Windows partition giving enough space (20 GB minimum) for installing Kali linux.

how to install kali linux on window 7

kali installation procedure

4. Kali Linux Installation Procedure: Just like how you install the  "Kali Linux Hard Disk install". You have to select “Guided – use the largest continuous free space” at the point of the partitioning that you created with gparted.

Kali Linux Installation Procedure

5: Installation & Reboot: Once you are done with the installation, reboot.  You should be welcomed with a GRUB boot menu, were you can  boot either into Kali or Windows.

kali linux injstallation

Post Kali Linux Installation

Now you have completed installing Kali Linux, you can now proceed with the customization. You can use the resources at  Kali General Use  for more information and getting most tips from kali linux.