MediaPlus Video Downloader
Video Downloader

MediaPlus Video Downloader

Video Downloader

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MediaPlus chrome extension give you the flexibility to makes media content like HMLT5, games, flash movies or images movies more usable on websites.


MediaPlus Video Download 

  • Easy to Resize, Move, or Pin media content on Social media sites
  • You can play game on full screen
  • Easily Pop out to a new-Window.
  • Add blur, sepia, and other sweet effects to Images
  • Allows you to Download media files using third party services
  • Add Darken areas around videos
  • Delete  annoying advertisement or music in the background
Other Additional information
Version: 2.1.2
Last Updated: July 6, 2013
Download Size: 170KiB
Languages: 1 Available. English
User: About 23k users
Developers: offered by Parashuram N.



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